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Digital Content Creation Australia Digital Content Creation

Digital Content Creation

August 31, 2014 David Sherwell


Agency level digital content creation in Australia for websites, email marketing and online media.

School socials – girls and guys dressed to the nines. The popular kids partied while the wallflowers looked on. School days are history but social standing still prevails everywhere including in business. In digital marketing, social ranking is a currency for influencing your online visibility. But you can’t buy friends. Instead, you publish metrically nuanced and engaging content on your wares. One Clique’s digital content creation for business is a social currency converter. It increases search engine rankings that lead more customers to your business.

“When digital content catches your target audience’s eye your key digital marketing objectives become possible.”

Digital writing differs from content for print publications in Australia. Internet users are either on a hard-nosed quest or a choose-your-own-adventure play. Both are inclined to scan digital content until they strike what is most relevant or what suddenly answers their open ended question. When implemented correctly, digital content creation caters for the target audience. This is achieved by utilising headlines, data segmentation and a consistent use of correct keywords for effective search engine optimisation. Content for digital publication should still remain clear, precise and personal to the target market.


Website Content Creation

One Clique creates website content with the purpose of increasing customer engagement, enquiries and sales. To achieve this, website content is optimised for higher rankings in search engine results pages.

Experience has taught One Clique that a major delay in launching a new website is a lack of supplied content. A partnership with One Clique’s specialist digital content services avoids this lengthy delay. And, the digital content One Clique publishes on your website is highly optimised for SEO, generating high visibility in search engine results.

“One Clique’s digital content services create popular kids, never wallflowers.”

Along with new website content creation, One Clique reviews and alters existing digital content that has already been published. The benefits of revitalising existing digital content is to show search engines, as well as existing visitors, fresh and dynamic content. Practically, this improves search engine results and encourages better user interaction.


Digital Content Creation

One Clique also provides digital content for email marketing, newsletters, digital articles and blogs. Much like website content creation, digital content for these digital marketing channels is created for customer engagement and conversion, along with search engine optimisation for higher rankings.

Digital content created for these channels by One Clique is not limited to a sales focus for the purpose of increasing conversions.

“Content purely written to tick off metrics and rankings come across as a scary hard sell. Content that also blends your brand’s ethos and edge gives visitors the feeling they’ve found a sure thing.”

Online content is a mouthpiece for reinforcing credibility and demonstrating your business as a market leader, offering a solution to your target audience’s problem. There is also scope to personalise your brand for your specific market.

Digital content created for Australian business and websites helps increase conversions and meet business goals. All while gaining maximum exposure through distribution channels and search engine results pages.

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