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Digital Press Release Service Digital Press Release

Digital Press Release Services

September 2, 2014 David Sherwell


One Clique produces professional digital press releases for distribution through our network of publishers.

A digital press release can direct online traffic to orbit your company faster than a speeding bullet, or Superman. And, like Lois Lane’s front page stories, an apt press release and savvy distribution can broadcast your company’s message to the masses. One Clique’s digital press release services cover writing and distribution to create online authority, credibility and trust. This all adds up to your competitors’ kryptonite.

“Exposure through online newsrooms, digital magazines and social media raises a digital press release to heights that increase website visibility.”

When written and published correctly, a digital press release facilitates SEO and online search rankings. Further, a press release piped through the right channels increases the likelihood of your message being picked up by relevant media publishers and distribution networks in Australia.


Digital Press Release Services In Australia

Digital press releases in Australia can be used as a way of gaining media traction or as a marketing exercise.

To gain media traction, One Clique provides compelling newsworthy articles for capturing a target audience. Rule one: content must offer novel insight to your audience or else it’s yesterday’s news. One Clique then distributes the digital press release through multiple relevant channels in Australia. Rule two: relevancy as opposed to scattergun channelling gains the best traction. Distribution may include a mix of online newsrooms and e-magazines, as well as traditional print media channels.

“The Daily Planet relied on ground breaking headlines that impacted its readers like a meteorite. To impact your audience, the heart of your digital press needs to be original information that speaks about your company’s worth.”

One Clique modulates your digital press releases with the view to meet these key digital marketing objectives:

  • Increasing visibility of your business, service and products throughout Australia.
  • Improving search engine optimisation, giving you online authority and brand awareness.
  • Showing company growth through a series of digital press releases.
  • Building trust and credibility with potential clients and industry associates.
  • Outreaching to magazines, journalists, press and media channels relevant to your industry.

Digital press releases for marketing purposes are created with a greater focus on keywords and optimisation for search engines. This enables a target audience searching for your product or service to find it, along with generating more clicks through to your website. Digital press releases used as a marketing exercise are also developed to be simultaneously relevant and engaging to a target audience.


Digital Press Release Distribution

One Clique distributes digital press releases through multiple partners for the purpose of media traction, along with placements on major Australian online news sites. It also ensures all digital press releases are indexed by major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The bonus here is a placement on their own news websites.

“Streaming press releases into relevant channels avoids a Chinese whispers experience in which messages are diluted and credibility is lost.”

Depending on the objectives of the digital press release, One Clique also distributes material to bloggers and journalists throughout Australia. Distribution is determined by the relevance of your press release and business to a media channel. This significantly improves the chance of your press release being published by a reputable outlet for your sector.


Digital Press Release Reporting

One Clique monitors and reports on the success of distributed press releases. Reports contain analytics and metrics such as:

  • How a target audience landed on your digital press release.
  • How many times it was viewed.
  • The duration of engagement.

One Clique shares these reports to keep you informed on the progress and success of your digital press release.

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