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Free Online Website Report

May 14, 2014 David Sherwell

One Clique have recently adopted a new software package that we are tailoring to better service our clients.

A nifty feature included in this software is that it allows One Clique to produce online website reports and audits quicker and easier, whilst still retaining the same quality as how we have been producing these reports to date.

The generated online website report can be used as a checklist to improve your website’s functionality and user experience, which in tern will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. The report will also include some competitor analysis, showing how your Australian business stack’s up against the competition online.

While One Clique is in the final stages of refining and testing this side of the software, we invite you to send through your website URL and 2 main competitors websites, and we will run and send you the website report, for free.

To take advantage of this free online website report, get in touch with One Clique РDigital Marketing, include the above details, and will have your report ready in a few working days.

There is no obligation for this free online website report, nor will there be any pesky follow up calls.