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Digital Strategy Australia Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

August 28, 2014 David Sherwell

A digital marketing strategy helping business in Australia grow through an online target market.

Today, investing in a digital marketing strategy must be on on your to do list. That’s why you’ve dropped by. Realising business goals is your motivation. Great minds think alike. One Clique has an integrated digital marketing strategy that’s assisting Australian business reach their goals.

One Clique’s game plan for integrating a digital marketing strategy is:

  • Pinpoint key business objectives through digital marketing. 
  • Identify if there is an online market for your product, service or event. 
  • Analyse current web presence prominence, if existent. 
  • Assess major opportunity areas, risk factors and limitations. 
  • Decide on the best digital marketing services and channels.
  • Implement One Clique’s digital marketing services. 
  • Refine and improve your digital marketing for ongoing success. 

True to One Clique’s flexible form, there’s room to respond to stats and enhance strategy.

Strategising digital marketing by One Clique is not a lengthy process but is more applicable to certain types of business in Australia over others. So, One Clique’s digital marketing strategy begins by identifying the likelihood of your business achieving growth through an online market.

“The One Clique flexible digital strategy is to bend over backwards to help your business grow.”

Digital Marketing Strategy

One Clique’s strategy identifies key digital marketing objectives, opportunity areas and possible limitations. Then a digital marketing strategy that will achieve your business objectives is implemented. During the process, One Clique’s focus is their number one aim. Positive return on investment in the shortest time possible. Further along, results are measured and reported for review. Out of this review, the digital marketing strategy may be refined to further optimise performance.


Digital Marketing Process

Simple sums up One Clique’s digital marketing process. One Clique’s process plus effective implementation continues to yield success for business in Australia.

Scroll below for an outline of One Clique’s process, incorporating the company’s digital marketing strategy.

  • Analysis, Assessment and Audit. Here, One Clique covers your digital marketing objectives, current online effectiveness, opportunity areas, potential online target market and competitor analysis.
  • Strategy. The digital marketing strategy determines the most effective digital marketing services to implement so key online objectives can be met. At this point, One Clique’s strategy looks at professional SEO services, SEM and Adwords management, Email Marketing, Online Remarketing and alternative digital marketing channels and methods.
  • Report and Review. Digital marketing reporting is continuous throughout any digital marketing campaign. It allows One Clique to measure current success at any given moment.
  • Refinement and Ongoing Optimisation. One Clique continually works on tweaking key areas that are returning good results. In areas that are not as beneficial as others, the company looks at removing them or refining them for the best possible outcomes.


Digital Marketing Specialists

One Clique provides digital marketing services to a range of companies and organisations Australia wide and abroad. Such experience makes One Clique a specialist at quickly determining the best digital marketing strategy for any business. One Clique is a master player at implementing strategy that realises your digital marketing objectives. And, if there is no a need for a digital marketing strategy, One Clique will tell it like it is.

“Experience has taught One Clique that individual businesses in Australia are at different stages of their digital marketing.”

Recognising that one size does not fit all, and an ability to adapt its process, means One Clique can quickly determine the best strategy for your digital marketing goals. This is especially relevant to businesses with an existing online presence already investing in digital marketing.

If you’re on the verge of unleashing a web presence or operating in a dynamic or unproven business model, a digital marketing strategy can also bring growth through an online audience.

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