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Email Marketing Services Australia Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

August 28, 2014 David Sherwell


Email marketing services provided by One Clique for companies in Australia are comprehensive, flexible and effective.

Remember Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail? In 1998 this film put email on the cool radar. This morning around 80% of Australians woke up and immediately checked their emails. The email persists as a popular and effective digital marketing service. One Clique offers comprehensive, flexible and effective email marketing services for businesses in Australia.

In a nutshell, One Clique assists clients for the initial email marketing setup through to ongoing campaign management. For Australian companies, One Clique delivers email marketing services that engage a target audience and have a results driven focus.


Email Marketing in Australia

After 30 years, email is now everyone’s familiar and reliable friend. This makes email marketing a powerful digital marketing tool for attracting a target audience. One Clique’s email marketing services are perfect for speaking with existing clients, accessing new clients and keeping subscribers up to speed on trends, services or events.

“Despite newfangled ways of speaking with a target audience, email marketing is a proven stayer.”

Email marketing in Australia is a potent channel to solicit more sales or donations, or simply to encourage return business. It is also ideal for promoting brand awareness, and for building loyalty and establishing trust with a select target market. Statistics show that email marketing in Australia continues to deliver the best return on investment compared to any other digital marketing channel.


Email Marketing Management

One Clique provides comprehensive email marketing management to Australian business. This means One Clique has the resources to conduct an effective email marketing campaign via:

  • In house design, strategy and initial implementation.
  • Optional ongoing email marketing management, which includes copywriting, scheduling, and continuous reporting on email marketing campaigns.

As with all digital marketing services by One Clique, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to set up and manage your email marketing service. You will also enjoy the benefits of expert advice, no fixed-term contacts and a performance based service.

“Been in that situation where every time you contact a provider for customer support you have to retell your story to a different person? Save your breath. One Clique assigns a dedicated account manager to your service…never will you have to repeat yourself repeat yourself repeat yourself to get support.”

Email marketing management by One Clique is produced in-house. This gives One Clique complete control over the delivery, management and success of email marketing for your business.


Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services provided by One Clique are powerful, effective and results focused. One Clique offers a comprehensive range of email marketing services:

Engaging Design. Email marketing newsletters are custom designed to reflect your brand. They convey your product’s truth to a target audience.

Social Media and Website Integration. This allows for automatic publishing on your website and social media channels. Along with select e-commerce integration for ordering and payment.

Analytics and Tracking. One Clique meticulously tracks your email campaign. Including who reads it, how many times, for how long and other important engagement metrics.

Automation. On your website a section can be added for subscriptions to your electronic news database. One Clique’s software also automatically takes care of unsubscribe, bouncing errors and other distribution errors.

Customisation. The option of segmenting your subscribers into groups to send relevant information to different target markets.

Compatibility. E-newsletters that are viewable on a majority of devices, including desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet.

Usability. Easy to understand email marketing reports.

“Feeling a tad control freak over your digital marketing? Don’t stress. One Clique allows you to have as much or as little to do as you want with the design, generation and management of your email marketing services.”

One Clique has flexible payment options for email marketing services. These range from a simple setup fee for self managed email marketing, through to ongoing email marketing management services and pricing. As email marketing objectives are unique to each business, pricing is custom quoted.

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