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Digital Marketing Reporting Australia Digital Marketing Reporting

Digital Marketing Reporting

May 22, 2014 David Sherwell

Digital marketing reporting for website auditing, tracking campaign success and identify opportunity areas.

Reports are generated through our digital marketing management software, using metrics from unbiased sources such as Google Analytics and other web authorities. As apart of our transparent approach, we share these reports on demand or through a weekly or monthly arrangement depending on the digital marketing plan. Reports are emailed in a simple to understand format, clearly outlining progress for any given campaign.


Digital Marketing Reporting

One Clique report on key digital marketing metrics. This includes online website auditing, campaign progress and success reporting along with digital marketing assessments.

Digital marketing reporting is integrated into most of our digital marketing services and offering. Reporting is critical to measuring the success of each digital marketing channel and campaign. It allows us to identify any restrictions, opportunity areas along with providing measurable outcomes.

Explore each our digital marketing reporting services below.


Online Website Auditing

A website audit is usually a one off report produced by One Clique to analyse your current websites performance, standard and online positioning. An online website audit report can be used as a checklist to implement improvements for the purpose of SEO and online visibility.

Addressing issues such as website performance, functionality and current web standard practices contribute to being visible in search engines. Furthermore, it contributes how a target audience engage, behave and convert through your website.

>> Explore our online website auditing service.


Free Digital Marketing Assessment

One Clique provide a free digital marketing assessment that thoroughly reports on the effectiveness of your current web presence and digital marketing, including a detailed competitor analysis.

From this report we are able to outline what digital marketing channels are most applicable to achieve your key online marketing objectives. A detailed assessment is valuable to those operating in a highly competitive environment. It shows how your web presence compares to that of your competitors, and what improvements can made to stand out amongst them.

>> Discover our free digital marketing assessment.


Progress Reporting

One Clique provide reports as apart of our professional digital marketing services.

Reporting on a continual basis makes One Clique an accountable digital marketing agency. We report on important measurable data related to the progress of your digital marketing objectives.

Reporting digital marketing progress ensures that objectives are being met, along with the added benefit of identify new opportunity area’s. As well as area’s that can be improved upon.

>> Learn more about our SEO progress reporting.

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