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SEO Reporting Online Australia SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting

May 22, 2014 David Sherwell

SEO reporting is vital to measuring success and identifying opportunities of any digital marketing campaign.

One Clique provide reporting as apart of all our offered digital marketing services. SEO reporting measures important metrics such as website positioning, user interaction and performance of a given campaign.

One Clique gather information from third party authority sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Alexa Ranks and Moz just to name few. We integrate these unbiased metrics into our state of the art digital marketing software that generates simple, powerful and automated website SEO reports based on your goals.

SEO reports are shared on a continual basis with our clients, and provide measurable data to determine success. SEO reporting contributes to our transparent approach, making One Clique accountable to our clients.


SEO Reporting Australia

SEO reporting allows One Clique to determine your current online effectiveness in relation to your SEO objectives. It allows us to review how your website is interpreted by search engines, current web standards and performance related issues. Whilst delivering professional SEO services, reporting shows continual improvement metrics based on the digital marketing objectives. These include current website ranking positions, back-linking and citation to name a few.

Along with succession reporting, we are able to report metrics such as search funnelling. These type of metrics detail how a user finds the website and the steps taken to complete a transaction or conversion. They can also show consistent behaviours amongst users, such as what time of the day and demographic area the conversion occurred in. Powerful metrics such as these in SEO reporting in Australia is fundamental to understanding overall audience engagement. It allows for calculated changes to enhance your digital marketing objectives and SEO services.


Google Adwords Reporting

Google Adwords reporting is very similar to our website SEO reporting in terms of metrics and data, and how we act upon it. In addition to SEO Reporting, Adwords reporting is also orientated towards the advertisement. In order to better Google Adwords management, One Clique rotate advertisements for a particular objective, and measure performance based on audience engagement. This enables us to promote or enhance advertisements based on Google Adwords reports.


Email Marketing Reporting

Email marketing reporting, like our SEO reporting, is very similar in terms of the metrics we collect, and how we enhance campaigns based on this data. Email marketing reporting differs in that it is more centralised on how subscribers engaged with the email marketing campaign. These metrics include open and click rates, referrals and social media engagement as well as reach and frequency.


Integrated Reporting Software

Reporting is produced and shared to our clients on a continual basis, providing a transparent system. One Clique use reporting to measure return on investment for our clients, along with identifying key opportunities.

One Clique SEO reporting software is fully integrated with all your One Clique digital marketing services. This means that our reports integrate metrics and data from all digital marketing channels that are relevant to your objectives. This is then presented in a simple and legible document that is available in real time, as an email or PDF document. One Clique’s comprehensive reporting is another reason why we stand out as one of Australia’s best digital marketing companies.

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