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Website SEO Audit Australia Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Audit

May 22, 2014 David Sherwell


An advanced website SEO audit analyses the technical infrastructure of your website for online performance.

Website SEO audits provided by One Clique identify key problem areas for a website that needs improvement or amending. We detect any details that influence your websites search engine rankings, along with functionally and performance metrics. The website SEO audit can be used as an action plan as to what needs to be changed, fixed or tweaked. It can equally be used as a baseline measurement before implementing any SEO service.

The point of an advanced website SEO audit is to improve the website in order to increase search engine rankings. Equally as important, it shows area’s of improvement user experience and interaction.


User Experience

A online website SEO audit can also be very useful to to look at how user friendly a website is. It will look in-depth at linking structures, page titles, performance and many other elements that affect user experience.

Although making sure a website meets a certain standard, user experience is just as important. This can be the difference between a client visit and a client conversion.


Online Website SEO Audit

A One Clique website SEO audit can be used as a one off tool or many times throughout the life of a website. A website SEO audit is highly beneficial before undertaking any SEO as a point of reference to measure results from.



  • Site performance and metrics.
  • Visibility issues.
  • Content and imaging issues.
  • Linking structures and possible issues, including URL, coding and meta tag issues.
  • Quality review.
  • Expert advice on how to better the website.

An advanced online website SEO audit is completed with a detailed PDF report. It is visually presented, showing the most critical issues that effect ranking and user experience. For a sample copy of a website SEO audit, please contact us.

Tailored To:

Any company in Australia that wants to improve their website to better user experience and increase online traffic.

Ordering and Payment: 

To proceed with an advanced website SEO audit, continue by clicking the order now button in the left column. A One Clique SEO consultant will be in touch to verify your website, objectives and process payment.

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