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Search Engine Marketing SEM Services

Search Engine Marketing Services

September 30, 2014 David Sherwell

Specialist search engine marketing services are provided across multiple digital channels with a return on investment focus.

Marketing done right should deliver a return on investment. One Clique does just that by providing tailored search engine marketing services. This is achieved by delivering qualified traffic to your business website for the lowest price.

Just when I thought I had grasped what SEO is, now there’s SEM?

Don’t worry. Search engine marketing is easy to understand. It can be described as simple as buying traffic through paid advertising on the internet. Any type of online advertising is generally regarded as search engine marketing.

Implementing search engine marketing is a sure-way to fast track the number of eyeballs on your website or social media pages. Targeted search engine marketing provided by One Clique drives relevant visitors to website. This contributes to a higher conversion rate to increase return on investment.

The advantages of search engine marketing compared to other digital marketing channels are:

  • Instant online exposure. You’re telling the world you exist.
  • Highly targeted advertising. Target people actively interested in what you provide.
  • Easy to measure results. See how users interact with your service or product.
  • Flexible. Quickly adaptable based on target market interaction.
  • Cost Effective. Only show ads to a relevant online audience.


Search Engine Marketing Services

One Clique identifies your target market and where they spend their time online. Once the appropriate online marketing channels have been identified, search engine marketing is implemented to help achieve your digital marketing objectives.

Introducing PPC: Search engine marketing commonly works by a Pay Per Click model. Popular search engine marketing channels include Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads. Each display paid advertising placement across their individual networks which falls under the search engine marketing umbrella.


Specialist Search Engine Marketing Company

One Clique provides tailored search engine marketing services in Australia for business of all sizes. If you have an online audience, One Clique can grow it, and fast. By using One Clique as your preferred search engine marketing company you’re buying speed, experience and technical SEM know-how.

Working in line with your marketing objectives, One Clique plans, implements and manages search engine marketing campaigns to help your company grow its online audience, foster relationships and make sales, in the shortest amount of time.

The secret to every successful search engine marketing campaign? Optimisation.

It’s the company’s sheer number of campaigns and their ability to test and optimise each campaign that sets them apart. Extensive experience in Australia and abroad helps One Clique test what’s working and what’s not. The end result is an effective search engine marketing service focused on increasing traffic, sales and conversions.


A Google Partner SEM Company

We will be honest. Being a Google Partner company doesn’t necessarily make a stand out search engine marketing company. With that said, Google doesn’t just give these badges away to anyone.

Multiple industry accreditations and partnerships alongside a successful portfolio is what makes One Clique a specialist search marketing company.

All search engine marketing services are created, distributed and maintained all in-house by a team of SEM and PPC experts in Adelaide, Australia. Choosing to team up with One Clique means you’ll have a Google accredited, local team controlling the success and delivery of your search engine marketing requirements.

Best known as a results-focused search engine marketing company, One Clique attributes success through their return on investment approach.


Search Management: Company Approach

Not limited to just the Google Advertising network, One Clique consider all available platforms based on your:

  • Digital Marketing and Business Objectives
  • Target Market and Online Audience
  • Budget and Online Advertising Limitations
  • Existing Digital Marketing Efforts

Once the key digital marketing metrics are agreed upon, One Clique integrates single or multiple channels in the campaign to achieve desired results.

See your business soar on Google Adwords and Bing Ads, Display and Retargeting Advertising, YouTube Adverting, Facebook and other social media channels.

One Clique setup and implement the chosen search engine marketing platform. The One Clique full service includes transparent reporting, ongoing refinement, optimisation and management. Achieving the lowest cost per acquisition whilst maintaining quality traffic, leads and conversion is guaranteed through One Clique.

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