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Digital Display Advertising Services

September 30, 2014 David Sherwell

One Clique provide digital display advertising that sends your message out to the masses through rich media and images online.

Digital display advertising allows rich media ads to be displayed across major web platforms and industry related websites. Advertisements can appear as banner ads, animated images and video advertisements.

Display advertising can be strategically placed on select websites that are relevant to your products or services. Usually these websites are authoritative to your industry and have opted to allow display advertising. Such websites include popular news websites, online publishers and YouTube.


Digital Display Advertising Services

The Google Display Network is the second advertising network available in Google Adwords. Tap into Google’s collection of websites and brands including Gmail, Blogger and YouTube to show your image ad online.

Display advertising lets you:

  • Diversify your ads. Is your message best communicated through text, image or video?
  • Target prospects on relevant websites. Connect with your potential customers where they’re already looking.

With a focus on impressions rather than clicks, digital display advertising fosters brand awareness and push marketing to target prospects.


Specialist Display Advertising Company

One Clique manage your digital advertisements through online display networks with a return on investment focus. From the creation of custom ads to the implementation and placements, One Clique’s display advertising strategies will help broaden your online presence in a targeted way. Using the correct strategy, your display network ad can drive targeted traffic volume to your website. One Clique’s expert knowledge will help you give your prospects a good reason to click on your ad.

One Clique also has access to other popular display networks. Working closely with you, One Clique will pick the display network best suited to your business.

For website owners looking to introducing ads on their own website, One Clique are experts in monetisation and user experience.

Placing digital display ads on your website strategically in a pay-for-performance structure can help monetise your website.

Talk to One Clique if you’re interested in affiliate ad placement on your website to encourage visitors to click on the ad and complete the transaction so you can get paid.


Display Advertising: Company Approach

One Clique’s digital display advertising service is focused on generating results. One Clique uses specific display targeting technology to help manage your ad placement and reach desired targets.

There are different types of ad formats suited to different businesses.

One Clique will work with you to decide one of three ad types to launch:

  • Mobile App Campaigns
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns

Through ongoing optimisation One Clique provides digital display advertising services that:

  • Grow your reputation. Ads that align your business with authority industry websites.
  • Focus on audience. What your target audience wants and where they go online.
  • Focus on results. All display media tactics are dedicated to delivering a return on your investment.

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