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Facebook Advertising Management Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Management

September 30, 2014 David Sherwell

One Clique provide Facebook advertising that connects a relevant audience to your page and website.

Facebook Advertising is used to grow your community by sending targeted people to your Facebook page or website so you can interact with them. Robust targeting in Facebook Ads helps narrow in on your target audience, based on their location, age and interests.

Your customers tell Facebook what they’re interested in.

Facebook ads are clear and easy to consume in a relaxed state.


Facebook Advertising Management

Businesses, in particular B2C businesses, can use Facebook ads to find new customers and boost sales.

One Clique offers a full service for Facebook Advertising management including targeting and maintenance through to optimisation. While Facebook Advertising isn’t the most effective channel for direct conversions or sales, it is useful for companies to send out messages on mass or to engage with a market where audience engagement is key.

By targeting traffic to your Facebook page or website, One Clique makes it easy to:

  • Increase your audience.
  • Promote new products.
  • Stand out amongst the competition.


Specialist Facebook Advertising Company

One Clique can deliver Facebook Ads that focus on encouraging website visitors to complete a conversion. With flexible bidding models, One Clique manages your Facebook Ad campaign to promote a call to action you want your target audience to act on.

One Clique aim to target and build a custom and relevant Facebook audience at the lowest price. The company can target fans using your existing client database through to people who visited a specific page or section of your website. Targeting to users that have already engaged in your brand is a great way of fostering relationships and building loyalty.


Facebook Advertising: Company Approach

One Clique are experts in Facebook Advertising management. Avoid untargeted results and trying to do it yourself. One Clique have used Facebook Advertising to help build brands for clients in Australia and overseas. One Clique has the experience to create ads that give your prospects a reason to interact with your Facebook page and website.

One Clique isn’t about creating Facebook Ads that increase like counts with masses of untargeted Facebook users. Instead, Facebook Advertising management is focused on quality over quantity. One Clique’s Facebook Ad management will drive targeted traffic that connects with your messages. Once you have the right people visiting your Facebook page it then makes sense to interact with them to help achieve your digital marketing goals.

Once the connection begins, you can:

  • Increase revenue. Gain the trust of your audience and generate more sales.
  • Engage. Keep your audience engaged and coming back to your website.
  • Industry authority. Become a leader in your field in the minds of your customers.

Whether you’re looking for one time Facebook Advertising campaign to boost a new product or a long-term campaign to increase online exposure, One Clique expert management can help. One Clique’s Facebook Advertising services are managed by a dedicated One Clique social media specialist.

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