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Retargeting Advertising Services Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting Advertising Services

September 30, 2014 David Sherwell

Retargeting advertising services are provided by One Clique to effectively display advertising across the internet to an existing target audience.

Have you ever left a website and found an advertisement from that website following you around the internet? Quite often stalking you through some of the biggest web platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Google.

Coincidence? Unfortunately not. It is called retargeting advertising. Retargeting advertising services provided by One Clique are highly effective for bringing existing website visitors back to the website to complete a sale, conversion or transaction.

Retargeting advertising can also be effective for brand awareness, event and campaign promotion over a period of time. An online advertisement can be strategically placed across the internet to regularly ‘plant the seed’ and remain top of mind for the prospect.

Scroll down to learn how One Clique can help with an effective retargeting advertising service.


Retargeting Advertising Services

Retargeting advertising works by placing a cookie on a users computer who visited a certain page on your website and adding them to a retargeting audience list. As a result, highly targeted online advertisements can be displayed exclusively to this audience list visitor as they further browse the internet.

Retargeting advertisements can appear as text ads, banner and image ads along with video and interactive advertisements. Retargeting advertisements can be strategically placed on Facebook, YouTube, Google Partner Sites and other authority websites where your target audience spend time on the internet.

Experts in retargeting advertising services, One Clique can setup, implement and maintain a retargeting advertising strategy to bring targeted, warm traffic back to your website and social channels.


Adwords Remarketing Advertising

Google Adwords Remarketing is one popular channel for retargeting advertising. Remarketing, not to be confused with Retargeting, is exclusive to the Google Network and Google Partner sites. This includes the Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube and the Double Click network.

Already investing in Google AdWords? You’ve got a head start.

Adwords Remarketing covers some of the most popular sites on the internet, including the two most used search engines, Google itself and YouTube. This makes Google Adwords remarketing a highly relevant retargeting channel for a majority of businesses.

From a simple campaign to recapture lost leads through to dynamic campaigns integrating with Google Shopping and product listings, One Clique can help with a professional remarketing advertising service.


Specialist Retargeting Advertising Company

Be seen again and again with using One Clique’s expert retargeting services. One Clique offers wide internet coverage through retargeting services on popular networks and display partners, such as Google and Facebook.

An integrated company approach is provided when delivering retargeting advertising services. Strategy through to design and implementation of retargeting advertising makes One Clique a fully integrated retargeting advertising services company.


Retargeting Advertising: Company Approach

Outcomes and results are the only things that matter at One Clique. The company shows and tells.

One Clique’s retargeting service does exactly both.

Through ongoing optimisation, One Clique is able to provide retargeting advertising services that:

  • Strategically retarget users at different stages of the buying or converting cycle.
  • Setup and manage advertising placements and topics of interest for user retargeting without impacting negatively on your brand.
  • Excluding converted customers from ongoing retargeting.
  • Ongoing enhancement and optimisation of retargeting advertising based on your online marketing objectives.
  • Transparent reporting and tracking on the success of your retargeting advertising efforts.

A specialist company in retargeting advertising, One Clique focuses on generating tangible return visitors at the lowest possible price. Think of them more as visitors, not traffic. Your visitors have shown an interest in your product and they’re coming back for a second time.

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