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YouTube Advertising Services YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising Services

September 30, 2014 David Sherwell

Discover the benefits of One Clique YouTube Advertising management services and optimisation.

YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine and owned by the largest, Google. With more internet users engaging in video media is makes sense to put your message in front of them.

Incorporate YouTube Advertising into your digital marketing strategy and start interacting with your customers to:

  • Generate ROI. You only pay when people actually watch your videos.
  • Drive engagement. Grow shares, new channel subscriptions & direct targeted prospects to your website.
  • Reach an audience on a mobile device. Up to 25% of YouTube views.
  • Get creative. Create unique brand experiences and express visually.
  • Lower marketing costs. The low cost of advertising compared to traditional TVC’s.


YouTube Advertising Services

One Clique provides YouTube advertising services with a strong return on investment focus. By leveraging YouTube advertising features, TV commercials and video ads can be targeted to gender, age, interests and location. YouTube analytics allows important metrics to be measured, such as who is watching your ads and how they are interacting with them. YouTube ads can then be optimised for the best possible return.


Specialist YouTube Advertising Company

One Clique is a specialist YouTube advertising company focused on driving targeted prospects to your website. YouTube is owned by Google, which means their ads are just as customisable as AdWords. Using the flexible ad formats and comprehensive targeting tools, One Clique makes it easy to attract your target audience.

There are three common options for advertising on YouTube: display ads, video ads and streaming ads.

  • Standard Banner Ad – These are just like the regular Google Display Ads, available as standard banner ads and rich media ads. You can use topic categories and keywords to specify where you want these banner ads to appear. Using colourful, entertaining images will help spark your viewer’s attention.
  • In-Video Overlay Ads – In-video overlay ads appear as pop-ups within existing videos that are targeted by selected search terms. Destination URLs within in-video ads can send prospects to locations outside of YouTube, such as a website.
  • In-Stream Ads – In-Stream ads run in video players appearing on Youtube watch pages and channel pages with featured videos. Standard In-Stream Ads can be a maximum of 15 seconds.


YouTube Advertising: Company Approach

One Clique prides itself on making sure you get the most out of your YouTube advertising budget. The company will work out the most effective cost structure based on your needs, whether it’s pay per views or pay per impressions.

One Clique manages YouTube advertising including the placement, time of day your ad is shown and ongoing refinement. If there is a specific time of day or location you would like you ad shown in, One Clique can customise it to suit your marketing objectives and strengthen the return on spend.

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