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SEO Pricing Australia Encore SEO Package

Encore SEO Package: Custom SEO Pricing

August 28, 2014 David Sherwell


Custom SEO pricing and proposals are provided for business in Australia through the Encore SEO package.

One Clique provide custom proposed SEO pricing through the Encore package. Encore is a custom SEO package produced by One Clique for companies in Australia and across the globe with dynamic SEO requirements. Custom SEO packages are also presented when a fixed price SEO package doesn’t align with your digital marketing objectives.

The Encore SEO package is custom designed based on your businesses SEO marketing objectives, market research and competitor analysis. Based on these metrics a custom SEO package along with associated SEO pricing is delivered as Encore.

One Clique understand that each business is different. For this reason a consultative approach is taken in order to prepare an effective SEO package. Recognising your companies objectives through SEO coupled with in-depth research is apart of preparing a custom SEO proposal. Once established, the Encore SEO package is presented. Encore SEO package includes deliverables along with associated SEO pricing based your objectives and budget. 


Custom SEO Pricing – Encore

There are many reasons why custom SEO services and pricing would suit your business requirements. This would apply if:

  • Your business is seasonal, involved in event management or other periodic type campaigns.
  • You have dynamic SEO marketing objectives, such as several business locations or websites targeting different key areas.
  • SEO marketing is currently managed by another Australian SEO company that you would like One Clique to take control of.
  • Your business is better suited to ranking through a search engine other than Google, or you wish to focus on other organic avenues.
  • Have a lower or higher budget in mind for professional SEO service pricing than what our set price SEO packages cater for.


SEO services and custom SEO pricing provided by One Clique generally includes all the fundamentals from our corporate SEO services package, plus more. One Clique provide custom SEO services and pricing to business in Australia and abroad with a national or international target audience.

Ordering and Payment:

Click the order online button in the left column to get started with a custom proposed SEO service and price for your business. Upon receipt of your request a specialist SEO consultant will be in contact to identify your key online objectives. One Clique will then present a highly effective SEO services plan and associated pricing to suit your search marketing requirements.


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