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Social Media Management Australia Social Media

Social Media Management Australia

May 22, 2014 David Sherwell


Social media management is delivered by One Clique for Australian companies that is engaging, targeted and results focused.

Social media in Australia has become a viable channel to be able interact and engage with a target audience. One Clique offer social media management to assist Australian organisations in building brand and event awareness, reputation and to involve customers in advertising campaigns. One Clique deliver social media management to companies in Australia through channels to that are relevant to the core businesses objectives.

Social media management provided by One Clique is flexible. We take care of the setup, planning and strategy for your social media, with the option of ongoing management and updates.

Social Media Management

One Clique provide a consultative approach to social media management. We ensure there is an online target audience for your type of business through select social media channels. This is to ensure that social media is going to be an effective channel for your marketing objectives.

One Clique deliver social media through our advanced social media management system that allows us to schedule updates, posts and content. We take into consideration the best channels and times to publish social updates for the purpose of market reach. One Clique are then able to monitor and report on numerous important metrics, including citation, engagement, frequency and reach.

Social media management by One Clique contributes to having a positive impact on search engine optimisation, along with increasing brand and website authority. 


Social Media Services

One Clique provide social media services for Australian business and company organisations. Our approach to social media management is simple. That is to target the most relevant social channels to your business and target market in order to meet your digital marketing objectives.

One Clique are competent in building, targeting and engaging an audience through all the major social media channels used in Australia. These include professional channels such as Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Along with more consumer focused channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One Clique are experts in managing each of these social channels through organic and pay per click display advertising.


Social Media Packages Australia

Social media management packages and plans are available to business and organisations in Australia. Each are set in pricing, and are proposed based on your organisations unique social media marketing objectives. Social media packages provided by One Clique are time based, and are generally delivered in either 4, 8 or 12 week management sections. There is the option of ongoing management outside these time allotments.

Social media packages by One Clique are accessible to small business in Australia through to corporate companies. Social media packages are tailored based on your unique business requirements. Whether you require build a social audience through to specialist ongoing management to get the most out social media advertising.

One Clique social media packages, plans and services are managed by a dedicated One Clique social media specialist. Each social media service includes ongoing campaign enhancement, reporting and refinement.

To get started with One Clique social media management, follow the order now button in the left column. Upon completion, a One Clique social media manager will be in contact with a proposal based on your objectives.

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