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Terms and Conditions

April 27, 2014 David Sherwell

One Clique Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

1. By using our website you agree to these Terms, our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and any other qualifications and information contained on this website.

2. If you want to engage our services we will provide you with an Agreement setting out your One Clique Package of services and our fees.  If you proceed with the Agreement these Terms will apply and you engage us (One Clique Pty Ltd ACN 167 320 050), to provide the digital marketing services specified in your One Clique Package and such other work as may be agreed in writing from time to time (“Services”).

3. You agree to provide information that we may require in a timely manner.  You acknowledge that your failure to provide information may delay our ability to provide the Services.

4. Where the Services include set-up and/or management of your Google Adwords account(s), you agree to abide by Google’s terms and conditions.

5. You agree to pay the fees set out in the Agreement.  We may change the fees but we will give you at least 30 days notice.  Unless stated to be inclusive of GST, all fees quoted are exclusive of GST.  In addition to our fee we will charge you for agreed expenses and GST.

6. Set-up fees are payable in advance.  Recurring fees are payable monthly in advance.  We may change our billing schedule but we will give you at least 30 days notice.

7. Your credit card details are required to set up a Google Adwords account and to pay our fees.  We will not retain your credit card details and we will not use your credit card without authority.  Unless you provide us with authority we will keep all of your information private and confidential.

8. During the term of the Agreement, where applicable, you authorise us to:

a. Set-up and access your Google Adwords account(s), any other agreed digital account and your website;

b. Apply your credit card details to your Google Adwords account and any other agreed digital account;

c. Debit your credit card for set-up and recurring fees for the Services; and

d. Use your business name and/or logo in our promotional material.

9. If you do not pay us, in addition to our other rights, you agree that we can stop work and you agree to pay all of our recovery costs (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client indemnity basis) and interest on the unpaid amount at the rate of 12% per annum.

10. Either party may terminate the Agreement at any time by notifying the other party in writing.  Any recurring fees will cease at the end of that month’s billing cycle.  If we terminate prior to providing the Services we will refund any set-up fees already paid.

11. You acknowledge that termination of this Agreement and the Services will not terminate your Google Adwords account(s) and pay per click charges will continue to accrue until you also pause your Google Adwords campaigns or close your Google Adwords account.  We can do this for you if you give us authority to do so.

12. We acknowledge that you are and will remain the owner of your Google Adwords account(s), any other digital accounts that we set-up or manage on your behalf and your website.  We will never attempt to prevent your access to your accounts and we will not retain the configuration or information contained in your accounts.

13. These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of South Australia and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.